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Free and open to the public.

Summer Concert Series

Hampstead Cable Television sponsors concerts held at Meetinghouse Park and Ordway Park. All of our concerts are free and open to the public. Leashed dogs are permitted around the edge of the field. Reminder, please pick up after your pet if needed.

Meetinghouse Park is located behind Hampstead's Town Hall. Concerts at this location are held on Tuesday nights at 6:00 p.m. Ice Cream will be at this venue to scoop sweet treats for our audience members to purchase and enjoy.

Ordway Park is located in Hampstead on Main Street at the intersection of Route 121 and Depot Road. Concerts at this location are held on Wednesday nights at 6:00 p.m. 

Concert Series: What We Do

Thank You For Joining Us This Summer

As our 2022 concert series comes to a close, we hope you can take the time to answer a quick survey about our concerts. Please revisit this website for updates regarding our 2023 concert series.

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